Welcome To Advancing Portfolio Risk Management for LIBOR

Without a specific regulatory driver prompting action and a current widespread lack of planning the end of LIBOR presents one of the biggest potential ‘Black Swan’ events facing the asset management industry right now.

With counter-party consent a huge part of the transition process it is vital that you are clued up on what your rights are and ultimately what is the best outcome for your investors or there will be winners and losers.

Your Guide To The LIBOR Transition In 5 Steps:

Have transparency on what you are being sold

Understand the real value of assets you currently hold

Unlock strategies to identify and transition exposure in your portfolio

Develop risk and accounting methodologies for alternative benchmarks

Clearly communicate to investors the impact of the transfer on the

The recent turbulence in the overnight lending markets and the knock-on impact of this to SOFR rates has highlighted just how turbulent the wholesale move away from LIBOR might be.

Were a temporary spike in overnight lending rates to carry through onto thousands of legacy agreements the impact would be huge and wide ranging.


If you are an asset manager with exposure to LIBOR systems and products this is a must attend event for you in order to hear from multiple stakeholders across the industry who are able to help you navigate such a complex transition.